Range & Expertise

Our New England home is blessed with a wealth of industries and, at the same time, challenged by extreme terrains and weather conditions. The facilities that drive our commerce must be as innovative and durable as the people who work there. At Pristine Surfaces, our only focus is New England, and we’ve experienced it all.

We’ve designed and installed flooring solutions for the following:

  • Centuries-old seaport fisheries
  • Heavy industrial manufacturing
  • Major transportation hubs
  • BioTech facilities
  • And more

Our experience across a wide range of industries enables us to diagnose problems and design the correct solution for even the most complex installations. Whether it’s a new build or remodel of existing infrastructure, we can work with your organization to design the perfect floor for your environment—a flooring system to last. As a group we possess over 100 years of concrete surfacing experience, skilled at the art of bringing flooring projects in on time and on budget.

range and expertise