Boston, MA seamless flooring

Seamless Flooring in Boston

and throughout New England

Pristine Surfaces provides the total solution for all your flooring needs. We design, prep and install Seamless, Safe, Sanitary USDA, FDA, OSHA approved industrial flooring systems. We have more than 30 years of experience in seamless flooring in Boston MA, Cape Cod, and throughout the entire New England region.

We provide total floor removal and demolition. We offer floor leveling in the event you need a level substrate in order to install carpet and tile. Pristine provides the latest in Mitigation and Water Proofing systems to keep your basement floors dry and prevent your upper floors from leaking on floors below. We provide total end-to-end drain removal and repair and can slope your floors to ensure proper draining to eliminate puddles and safety hazards. Wall Systems and Cove-base complete any floor system offering a true monolithic environment to satisfy compliance audits.

We offer free analysis and consultation to design and implement a project plan to satisfy the most persnickety inspectors. Our approach is to learn your business, understand your challenges and needs, and create a custom solution perfectly designed to meet your unique requirements. Pristine is more than a one-size-fits-all solution, we are fully equipped to handle Epoxy, Polycretes, MMAs, Hybrids, Mitigation and Waterproofing systems. Pristine will turn any facility—old or new—into a Safe, Sanitary, and colorful facility.

A few seamless flooring options


Our flooring team will work with you to identify the right materials for your environment, and then help you choose the right colors and finish to make your business shine.

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