30K sq.ft. – Flooring Technology Meets Animal Kingdom

VCA Animal Hospital

VCA Animal Hospital of Weymouth, MA is one of the largest and most-advanced animal care providers in the country. With more than 520 animal hospitals in 41 states, and a national network of specialty hospitals, the company sets the standard for animal health care in the United States. During construction of the new facility, Pristine Surfaces was asked by the Architect to design and install 30K sq.ft of flooring surfacing.

The Challenge

The Architectural team desired a flooring solution that was both visually appealing and reflected the facility's state-of-the-art features and technologies. The Management Team required a flooring system that was rugged enough to withstand minor scratches and chemical resistant to neutralize fluids resulting from animals that are sick and in distress.

The Solution

Pristine Surfaces designed a flooring plan throughout the facility that took into account area-specific functional requirements. Non-slip surfaces were installed in the Emergency Entrance to maximize pet owner safety when utilizing emergency services. Poly-urethane Top Coats were used to counteract outside elements continually brought into the facility by rush of activity. Decorative Quartz Floors were installed in the Emergency Entrance, Customer Service and Customer waiting areas to provide an opulent appearance with special colors that provide a calming effect on pet owners in critical situations. Floor-to-wall systems were used in intake and holding areas to protect all surfaces from animals in distress. Chemical Resistant Top-coats were installed to provide easy maintenance and clean up. This project was a significant undertaking requiring a complex Project Plan coordinated over a three-month period with Owners, Architectural Team, and General Contractor.

The Result

Pristine Surfaces met all goals set by the owners and managers (for appeal and durability). During the design process, Pristine Surfaces successfully recommended a mix of flooring properties throughout the facility for increased function, replacing an original intent for one-surface throughout. Pristine Surfaces was also able to create a seamless design throughout for greater architectural appeal and lower cleaning and maintenance costs.