20K sq.ft. - No More Slipping and Sliding

Chatham Village Foods

Chatham Village Foods, located in Wareham, MA, is part of the T. Marzetti Food Group headquartered in Ohio. The Wareham facility produces croutons and salad dressing sold throughout the world.

The Challenge

Chatham’s facility uses 60,000 gallons of vegetable oil per week, filling the air above its production line and coating everything below including machines and floor surfaces. Chatham Village had several problems that needed to be solved. First and foremost they were committed to the safety of their employees. Chatham has extensive safety programs in place, including the Wareham Fire Department for inspections and recommended safety procedures. Their facility was becoming soiled with oil in the production areas. They had a suspended diamond steel plate where machines would intersect and filter out any deleterious material. Because of oil buildup, the floors and the diamond plate platform became difficult to walk on. It was time to install floor systems and industrial coatings that provided a safe non-slip surface for employees.

The Solution

Pristine needed to develop a cleaning strategy as well as flooring systems to address the use of oil in their product. Pristine conducted interviews with supervisors responsible for production in each area. Each outlined their daily tasks and types of ingredients flowing through the production line. After gathering and analyzing all information, we recommended multiple flooring products for each specific area. For the suspended diamond plate platform we used a two-part, non-slip Amerlock coating. Amerlock is a leader in the industry for bonding to diamond plates. Amerlock provides a super bond and is oil retardant leaving a safe, non-slip surface for employees. Pristine installed our Quarter inch Urethane Mortar System under production equipment emitting hot oils and hot other ingredients to prevent failures and damage to the substrate. We then installed our Polycrete Flooring System in the main production area.

The Result

As of July of 2015 Pristine has serviced close to 50% of their Wareham production facility with additional projects planned for late summer. Chatham now enjoys non-slip floors that are easy to clean, safe, and sanitary. With the assistance of Pristine Surfaces, they have developed new cleaning strategies, invested in new machines, and augmented their cleaning strategy. By combining the right cleaning strategy, new and efficient cleaning equipment, and Pristine Non-slip floors Chatham Village is on their way to improving new safety measures and a Clean Safety record.